Life is beautiful

Sometimes, Journey is alluring when you travel without destination Way is divine when your guide is the ambition Guitar strings sound delightful when you play without chorus Work is marvelous when it’s done by us Friendship is best when it’s your own You enjoy the most when you are alone Learning is finest when you … Continue reading Life is beautiful


Once I planted a hope in my yard Seed was soft but land was hard Watered it with tears Protected it from fears One day storm came And changed the game Heart was crying Dry leaves were flying “It’s over” crowd told But soul said, “Be bold” Don’t give up my friend It’s not the … Continue reading HOPE

Without You

Even today, in the midnight I talk Listener is moon not you is the difference Even today, on the river bank I walk In twilight, exploring water’s innocence Even today, my body is alive Soul is the thing, that’s only lost Even today, I’m living the life But heart is broken which pinches me most … Continue reading Without You